Our PRIDE committee is focused on demonstrating pride in public education through hands-on community projects.

Our PRIDE committee chair is Michele Galluzzo.

Relay for Life

DEA members, family and friends raised over $40,000 for Cancer Research. The community walked all night and participants enjoyed snow cones, cotton candy, balloon creations, and a dunk tank courtesy of the DEA.

Pink Day

Retired Deptford Education Association member Barbara Levin is the driving force behind the creation of Pink Day, an annual NEW JERSEY STATEWIDE school event to raise breast cancer awareness as well as donations for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The DEA and the Deptford Township community have raised a total of $172,932.29 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Here are our Pink Day successes:

2006 = $13,371.80
2007 = $15,529.50
2008 = $19,194.00
2009 = $20,661.24
2010 = $20,800.00
2011 = $26,825.27
2012 = $15,904.29
2013 = $11,216.32
2014 = $14,221.10

2015 = $15,208.77 



Pink Day was founded by MMS teacher Barbara Levin in 2006.


Teen Cancer Awareness Week



Each January, DEA members host events for Teen Cancer Awareness Week with a number of activities and student assemblies. The district was the first in the nation to sponsor such an event since the passing of a bill in Congress by NJ Senator Robert Menendez.

Here are our Teen Cancer Awareness Week successes:

2012 = $1,950
2013 = $972
2014 = $1,000.13




DEA Scholarships

Since 1984, the DEA has awarded $77,000 in scholarships to Deptford students.