Settlement Reached!

The Deptford Education Association (DEA) and the Deptford Township Board of Education have reached a settlement for a new agreement covering all 700 DEA members and employees!


The process was finalized on June 26, 2018, when the Board of Education voted to accept an agreement previously accepted by DEA, formally completing the process.

Previously, the DEA was working under the terms of an expired contract. That agreement ended on June 30, 2016 – the DEA was working under that old agreement for 726 days. Prior to that, bargaining between the parties began in April 2016, and prior to that, the teams began their own preparation for this process as early as September 2015.


The 700 members of the DEA are happy to move forward, working with the new administration and the Board to continue doing what they have always done best – provide a phenomenal, world-class public education to the students and families of Deptford, New Jersey.


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